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Why does your company offer many services?

We understand that small business owners often don’t have the time to research business improvement ideas, determine their costs, evaluate alternatives, procure them, manage their installation, and conduct training. To complete many of these projects successfully, they must be managed, but small businesses typically can’t afford to hire project managers. So we offer a wide range of services that we’ve found are of most interest to small businesses, and developed affordable ways to deploy them. In essence, we use our knowledge and experience to save time on project development and management, in turn, saving the customer money.

What sets your company apart from others that offer similar services?

The products we offer are knowledge, experience, and effective management. Selling hardware, software, or other products is incidental, not primary, to our work. Our staff remain attentive to your needs, and avoid trying to get you to comply with ours. Some businesses call this good customer service; we believe it’s the only way to do business. We pride ourselves on the level of customer satisfaction we achieve.

How can I find out more about a certain technology, application or practice?

Just ask us. If we haven’t had experiences to share, we’ll try hard to refer you to someone who has.

How can Modern Home and Office improve my business?

We ask and answer specific questions to help you find the right solution. Often, we can supply this solution directly using a set of practices or products we know to be simple, affordable, and effective. Sometimes we rely on trusted associates to perform certain project tasks. We also can analyze aspects of your business to determine which areas can benefit from modernization. Ultimately, we work to help you implement only the most appropriate best practices, depending on your need.

What do you mean by “Best Practices”?

Best practices are commonly accepted, specific actions businesses can take to improve and maintain their businesses to run optimally. An example of a best practice is to secure your computer networks from malicious attack by viruses, hackers, eavesdropping, and hidden applications. We gathered best practice information in all areas of business focus from experience, networking with peers, and reviewing trade journals.