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Many small businesses struggle to maintain a physical image equal to the quality of the products or services they provide. Many can argue the value of a fresh paint job or new furniture, but lets face it, nobody likes to eat food in a restaurant where the paint is peeling off the ceiling.
Many small businesses either choose to perform minor work such as painting, flooring, and trim installation themselves; others hire a friend of a friend to perform the work or take on project management responsibilites themselves. While these approaches can work, they always take time away from the work of your business, and when dealing with hourly or contract labor, a number of issues may arise that take even more time away from your business.
Our team holds both a general contractor’s license and a painting and decorating license in the State of California. We know how to apply a modern look and feel to businesses and understand that businesses often need this work done after hours. Our team can help you identify what you need quickly, help you to accomplish it timely and with quality, and in a way that shouldn’t destroy your operating budget