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Most people hate the administrative work involved in business management. Policies, plans, procedures, and training often fall into the category of “we don’t have time to do that.” Yet, planning and training invests your personnel, saves valuable time, improves coordination, and reduces chances for error during implementation. Plans and policies answer questions about where your company is going, how normal activities and emergencies will be handled, and can set the stage for improvement efforts.
Yes, planning does take time, but the value of planning becomes clear when companies realize the cost of disconnected employees, inefficient processes, inadequate support to productive workers, and the lack of clearly understood missions, goals, and objectives. It has been said that, “those who fail to plan, plan to fail.” And while this may not always be true, adequate planning affords a better chance for success.
Businesses must also be aware of certain laws and regulations that require plans. For example, failure to maintain federal labor postings, Illness and Injury Prevention plans, or Hazardous Material Response plans can cost companies significant time and money.
Our team has developed and deployed these products, and can help you formalize your interests and objectives, document your policies and procedures, comply with local, state and federal mandates, or improve existing processes using simple, easy to implement tools and practices.